The HomeStead at Wilshire Ranch in Oak Glen is nestled on 5.5 acres tucked away in scenic Oak Glen. Wilshire Peak and the San Bernardino mountains tower above the property's majestic California oaks, massive sycamores, heirloom apple trees and sprawling lilac field. The property overlooks the valley below, where Lake Perris sparkles like a gem in the afternoon sun.

Don and Paula Christante, Owners

Here at The HomeStead we make every effort to make your wedding planning and event a true success. We've worked hard to preserve the original feel of the family ranch, while adding a few modern amenities so that you feel at home and fully satisfied in your special day - a day that we hope you'll be proud to call your own. We are pleased to invite you to add to this rich history

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"From almost the first moment we stepped foot on this property, we knew it was our hearts delight. We hope that you will feel the same."

Meet the HomeStead

Excelling in natural beauty, this property also holds a rich history. Over one hundred years ago, Blackie Wilshire and his colorful family set down roots in this beautiful glen. Features from the original property still stand, and we have carefully interweaved that heritage into the narrative that our couples are making today.

Venue Features & Amenities






on-site PARKING


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Enjoy getting ready in style with your bridal party in our comfortable, private spaces on the property. Situated just far enough away for privacy  but not too far for comfort.

Tie the knot under the arms of giant oak and sycamore trees in our open air site. This space is designed for the bride to make a grand entrance. The couple will then stand together on a terraced stage for all to see.

Guests will dine outdoors, surrounded by great views of the mountains, and then dance under the stars with sparkling lights surrounding the site. Comfortable chairs and large tables make for a festive feel.

Nothing beats our carefully crafted lighting design to illuminate the party. Warm glow pours from electric and gas lamps and strings of cafe lights. 

As the evening progresses, we will stoke a warm fire for friends and family to gather around and make s'mores.

Your guests will enjoy the  self-serve beverage area with cold drinks.  This hand-crafted space also makes for a unique bar area positioned in between the ceremony and reception areas.

Conveniently situated, everyone will enjoy the accessiblity of our large, well-lit, private parking lot on the property.  

We have an abundance of clean, new bathrooms on site.  We are also ADA accessible and can open up space for RV spots if needed.We also have a designated outdoor smoking lounge.